Obama, McCain: Battleground for the Lost


Here are the photos the major news media doesn’t want you to see! Both parties truly have a heart for the lost vote.

After listening to “Hell’s Best Kept Secret,” Senators McCain and Obama have a renewed purpose in life as they reach out to the truly undecided. (On such a serious day as today, I thought you’d appreciate a re-posting of something a little lighter…)

Here Senator Barack Obama takes advantage of his opportunity to take people through the “Good Test.”

Not to be outdone, Senator John McCain gets to the heart of eternal matters. (I wonder if he had his million dollar bills on him?)

I guess they tried for the evangelistic Evangelical vote, huh?

Click here for credits:

Photo of Obama: AP
McCain: Unknown
Photoshoppery: A crazy guy in Canada.
Use of photos constitutes “fair use” as applied for parody/satire, non-profit.


  1. wouldn’t it be great that which ever man should become our president that it would be written in the history books, “that he [barack obama or john mccain] did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.” (verses reiterated to the righteous kings in the book of 2Kings).

    then again, i fear it can go the other way…”and he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord…” =(

    boy, i’m hoping the Body’s knees are left bleeding with heartfelt prayer for our next leader.

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