Now that’s the Christmas Spirit…


I received this anonymous voicemail from a lady who was not too happy about receiving our “Happy Holidays!” tract, but nevertheless, understood the message all too well:

“Hi. I just wanted to say I got your guy’s flyer. It says ‘Happy Holidays! Have you been naughty or nice?’ and [has] survey questions to see if you are going to Heaven or Hell. And for every single [one of the] eight questions it says, ‘You will go to Hell.’

“…I think that it’s very wrong for you guys to pass this out. You guys are a church. [You are] trying to tell me that I would go to Hell for any one of these, even if I lied one time?

“You are not practicing that God forgives people and I think that’s what you should try and do for the holidays.”

Before hanging up she wished us a sarcastic “Happy Holidays.” Hmmm… think she understood the message?

(Read the irritated response I got from a cashier before Christmas a couple of years ago here.)

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