Never give up!


May I exhort you to continue to share your faith in the face of discouragement, nay saying, attacks and negativity because eternity is at stake?

When it comes to attacks from unbelievers at my YouTube account, posted to this blog, or sent via email, I take it with a grain of salt and continue to do what God has called all born again believers to do: “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

Still, a comment like this one posted to my personal profile at YouTube can sting a little:

“You better hope we never meet, because its the self centered, arrogant yet ignorant slobs like you that are ruining our country. Your types murders people of opposing views, you oppress minorities, you are low down dirty belligerent scum. And your punishment will be realizing thats theres no life after death, trust me you’re getting up there in years and you don’t have much left, and you wasted your whole life being a delusional jackass. You’re pathetic” —From  thepowerofganja

So please don’t give up. Press on. Persevere! Preach!

To help you in your commitment to evangelize regularly may I encourage you to join The Everyday Club 2012? This is where you make an evangelistic goal to share your faith everyday. The minimum commitment is to hand out one tract a day. Click here for details.

And now, a 7 second word from my daughter D.D.


  1. Thank you for the encouragement D.D.

  2. Steve,

    You, Righteous Richard, D.D. and the other Christians on this blog are a great inspiration and encouragement.

    God bless.

  3. “You better hope we never meet” says thepowerofganja.

    Steve it appears that the wearesmrt atheists have found their way to your youtube channel.

    The nickname “thepowerofganja” sound very smrtian to me. The threat also sounds smrtian in nature.

    For anyone planning any mischief against Steve…. know this…. Steve Sanchez has a posse!

    • No, they are not the Smrt people. I’ve never been threatened by any of the smrties. For the post part those atheists are just a bit crude and snarky.

      I certainly hope I don’t have a posse; I much prefer to turn the other cheek. Mostly, I’m amused at those juvenile comments on YouTube. They are most likely written by teenagers.

      • Spoken like a genuine good guy. Steve I think you must turn the other cheek a lot and that is a good example to demonstrate to people who have your back aka your “posse”.

    • Do you have any evidence of that? 🙂

    • True Christians like Steve Sanchez and Righteous Richard are some of the most peaceful and law-abiding people in the world.

    • I don’t get it, if you believe this why do you (and so many of your students) give up so fast? It’s almost impossible to have an actual discussion with anyone as they run away as fast as possible.

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