My New City Council Prayer


Since writing last week about my illegal prayer in the name of Jesus at a City Council meeting (Click here to read it), I have thought deeply about this issue and have decided to obey the law next time I’m asked to give an invocation at a venue that specifically forbids “sectarian” prayer. I will not pray in the name of Jesus.
null But here is what I will do… Before I open an event in prayer I will say something like this:

“I understand that prayers at events like these can be controversial. The pressure is great to offer an invocation that everyone will be comfortable with.

But since there’s a large diversity of beliefs—and non-beliefs—here, I realize that simply isn’t possible.

Therefore, since I have been asked to offer the prayer this morning, and since I am a Christian, I will pray in a way that is consistent with my conscience. I will be praying in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, the One who has saved me from Hell when I was guilty of breaking his Commandments,
though I will not be specifically mentioning Him by name in the prayer.

You are welcome to join me if you like, or quietly wait for me to finish, as you wish.

I thank you in advance for your understanding and your tolerance if your particular way of praying—or not praying, as the case may be—is different from mine.”

[I will then pray, ending the prayer with]:

“For Your sake, and for the sake of Your Kingdom.


I obey the law; everybody’s happy; and God still gets the glory.

They might even ask me back!

(Thanks to Stand to Reason for this prayer suggestion.)


  1. Hey love the picture! Is just like when you pray in the name of Jesus, Lions are ready to devour you, But GOD exholts you.

  2. Hey love the picture! Is just like when you pray in the name of Jesus, Lions are ready to devour you, But GOD exholts you.

  3. Hey Steve,

    That is Good News Brother, to God be the Glory…I apologize to everyone for being so persistent with making this point, and if I have offended anyone along the way.

  4. I like the approach. Makes good sense and I think it would work.

  5. I like your approach, especially since you’re mentioning the Law.

  6. I think that where it concerns matters of God and Jesus Christ, our Saviour, we are to obey God’s laws rather than men’s. Compromising your beliefs and your conscience is never a good thing. Wouldn’t you rather walk out of there knowing that you brought total glory to God by mentioning His name rather than please men who do not worship God? Let your conscience be clear no matter the consequences. For in so doing, you’ll be gaining treasure in heaven.

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