My New Blog Banner and Tag Line


Tah-dah!!! Yep, here’s my new blog banner reflecting the change of direction my life has taken.

That’s me walking with God and hanging on with everything I have…or am I wrestling with him because of what he’s called me to do and I’m trying to change his mind…or am or furiously waiting on him impatiently? The new tag line is indeed: “Walking, waiting and wrestling with God.” Don’t you?

Tell me what you think.



  1. I like it Steve! … Your humor always inspires me to do more for the LORD. GOD Bless!!! …

  2. Moved up here to TN from TX 15 years ago thinking it was the right thing but not waiting on the Lord and wishing I were still down there. I’m “hanging” on every word as an encouragement to always only move at His command. Anything else leaves us in an uncertain position of wondering why we can’t find a good church and the Lord’s will for our lives. I had moved to TX from IN at the Lord’s calling to go through YWAM. Why I let the enemy lure me up here (through someone I thought was a friend) I don’t know. Now I’m disabled and unable to move myself anywhere.
    Could use some prayer…thank you so much for your blogs. Very important that you’re sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. Love the header or “banner”! One of the best I’ve seen! Keep “hangin’ on”!!

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