My Lucky Salvation Shirt


I cannot stress how important it is to wear the right apparel when hitting the streets to evangelize. You want to wear something normal or provocative, but not too Jesus-y. Pique pagans’ passions perfectly by wearing a shirt like this available from :

This is my favorite shirt. People do actually ask me questions about what the shirt means. And why not? You can strike up stunning evangelistic poses AND conversations when you sport the right witness wear.

What does the shirt mean? “Banana” Jackson, designer, says, “Like most of our designs, this is meant to be a conversation starter. The front says ‘104 every 60 seconds’ and then contains two chemical symbols. When someone asks what it’s supposed to mean, explain to them that these two symbols are the chemical shorthand for two of the foul-smelling compounds the body releases at death.”

“Also tell them that’s what the top line is talking about. 104 people die every 60 seconds. Ask them if they’ve thought very much about death and what will happen to them afterwards… and then take them through the good test.”

The back of the shirt is identical to the front except for this text appears below:

putrescine and cadaverine are foul-smelling compounds
created and released at death as the body begins to decompose

150,000 people die every day, that’s 104 every 60 seconds

are you ready to face God?

Satan hates this shirt because of the attention it gets. When I wore it as a mentor at The Ambassadors’ Academy, I spilled my Starbucks down the front of it, so I had to turn it inside out for the rest of the day, much to the delight of the other mentors. “Hey Steve, we can still see the stain. Ha, ha, ha!” A few weeks later, I caught the sleeve on a nail and tore a hole in it.

Maybe I’ll just stick to wearing nice hats…

…nice, funny looking hats.

(Click here for another article on dressing right.)


  1. I gotta get me a couple of those shirts, I’m starting to walk to and from work now (2 miles) plenty of people that are in the way between the two destinations…. hint…hint… great time to witness.

  2. I’ll have to get you another one, Steve-o! Thanks for talking about it on your blog! 😀

  3. LOL!!! 🙂

    Great shirt! As for the hat, while it has not helped me to initiate any spiritual conversations, it does keep the sun off my moustache. 🙂

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