My Boring Christmas Letter


‘Tis the season to send out a Christmas letter.

To read mine just click!


(For Evangelism)


  1. Merry Christmas Steve. Been great to read along this year.

  2. Thanks, Jason. Good to have you aboard!

    Have a great Jesus’ B-day!

  3. I was bored, Steve.
    Thus, I read your “boring letter”.
    But then I thought: “Good idea! Why not?”
    I took heed.

    So I went downtown and preached open air to a small crowd. Unbeknownst to me, there was a guy in the crowd with a digital recorder. He gave a recording of my gospel discourse to our local Christian radio station and the the message was broadcast. Thousands were instantly saved! Demand for the message poured in from all kinds of media outlets across the country and then from around the world. Millions were saved! Then billions! And then faster than you can say “Merry Christmas” a whole bunch of times, everybody on the entire planet was saved!!

    “Great!!” I thought at first.
    But then it struck me:”NOW what do I do?”
    I’m bored again Steve.
    Got any other letters to dish out?


    PS: The above is nothing but an evangelist’s fantasy. Hey, it’s Christmas! We can still dream can’t we?

    To you Steve, readers, fellow bloggers and everyone else who puts up with my ramblings: Merry Christmas!

    And let’s give it all we got in gospel giving this coming New Year, shall we? We may as well do as much evangelizing as we can while we’re still here on earth. For, as I’m sure you are well aware, there will be no need of it in Heaven.

    Thanks for the constant encouragement via E-vangie Tales, Steve!

  4. You almost had me Paul, till I got to the part where you said that you went downtown and preached open air to a small crowd…

    God bless and thanks for your encouragement!

    M C !

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