More on Guys with Signs and Beards


A “Sign Guy” responded to my post last Friday… and he wasn’t happy.

I made a general (and humorous) statement that bearded guys who hold signs with biblical messages are a little weird—and they usually aren’t involved in a local fellowship. Well what do you know? My observation was proven correct! Here’s how one man, Mark, responded:

I’m a sign guy and a Way of the Master guy. I wear a beard and do not go to a institutional apostate church. So why does that make me weird? The Bible says we are to Preach the Gospel to every creature, banners are Biblical, and it says not to forsake the gathering of the bretheren, not go to a denominational institutional. We have church every time we go to the streets. But what really counts is keeping His commandments and walking in holiness. Amen?

And another thought: if us guys weren’t suppose to wear a beard why did God give us one? Better still why do those that are effeminate shave it off?

Hey! I can’t argue with that logic. But I was really hurt when I read this from Rob Cox:

Wow! What a statement! What poll or proof do you have to make such a statement true? Just because this ONE guy holds a sign, doesn’t go to church, wears a beard you label him “a little weird.”

Perhaps the same can be said about us who are clean shaven, stand on a step stool or box holding a micophone, wearing shorts and short sleeves.

OUCH! That’s getting too darn personal, by golly!



  1. It was all in love Pastor Steve, all in love.

    Btw, I was talking about myself as well with this statement;

    “clean shaven, stand on a step stool or box holding a micophone, wearing shorts and short sleeves.”

    God Bless

  2. Of course, Rob! I’m just having a little fun…

    God bless!

  3. Hello,

    Signs can certainly be used in a bad way, but I met some guys who do a good job with them. You can check out this post:


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