Morbidity Mondays


Most Mondays I dedicate the postings to articles dealing with death. The reason? To remind us that tomorrow is promised to no one, and “that man is destined to die once, and after that to face Judgment.”
null Our society sanitizes death, erases its terror, and denies its existence. The urgency of the Christian mission to reach the lost goes ignored because death seem so, so distant.

Postings on this blog under the headings of “Sudden Death” are just that: End-of-life stories that are strange, weird— and sometimes very normal—but almost always, unexpected. These reports are usually found as filler material tucked deep inside your local paper, or as curiosity items on the Web. The reality is that death can—and will—strike at anytime, especially when the storage barns are full.

“Coda” postings are the last words of people, some famous, some infamous, most anonymous, all compelling.

“Tombstones” posts can sum up a life in just a few words and are full of irony.

The “Morbidity” category holds death related articles that fit nowhere else. These are the strangest of all…

You can find all these listed on the right side of the blog under “Categories.”

Mondays, the beginning of the work week, is an appropiate time to place these postings. Do the articles disturb or unsettle you? That is their purpose.
null I want you to think about death—the 150,000 people who will die in the next twenty four hours, the vast majority going to Hell because they have broken God’s Moral Law, the 10 Commandments—to remind you of life, the abundant life that we all have in Christ when we repent of our sins and trust in Him.

And the necessity to tell others about Him.

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