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I just returned from a two week trip to Vietnam where we were able to share the Gospel in an unprecedented manner…through good works!

Built on eighteen years of faithfulness, Hope for Vietnam is registered as an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) with the Communist government. This type of status is reserved only for the largest of organizations like WorldVision, etc. But this ministry from a small church in Hermosa Beach has won trust due to all the good works that have been performed there. I will write about that later but here’s a tiny little overview of what I experienced in the harsh environment of this Third World nation, where the team of nine endured 100 degree temperatures in nearly 100% humidity.

In a backwards village a short distance from the infamous “Hamburger Hill” of the Vietnam War we shared food, scholarships for selected children, and investigated the tanks provided by Hope Chapel that supplied water to many village families.

One of my favorite things to do was to to teach the 10 Commandments in 5 minutes to an underground church. (With translation, from English to Vietnamese to this particular village’s dialect, it took a little longer.)

But the biggest surprise for everyone (including myself) was discovering how popular my cheesy magic tricks were. These simple performances broke down barriers and opened the doors of many hearts to prepare them for the greater things we were to bring.

Stay tuned for more reporting from the front lines about what we did in Vietnam, from Saigon to Da Nang, to the Laos border.


  1. Vietnam is one of my favourites, hope you enjoyed it Steve. did you try any bia hoi in Hanoi?

  2. Ok, so was the secrecy and now the inconsistent picture scribbling really necessary?

  3. Oh and of course, welcome back! Glad to see you made it back safely.

  4. Vagon, I’ll write a little about the food. I’m not an adventurous eater though.

    BathTub, Yes, the scribbling is necessary. I only blacked out the local adults. Details later on why.

  5. Steve, that’s awesome that you got to go there and teach the underground church. I’ve heard from VOM that some of the persecuted countries are sending missionaries to the US — a sad change considering where we were spiritually 100 years ago.

  6. just curious…why would you bring in the element of “magic” tricks into your fellowship with them?

    I think Christians should avoid deception and the slight of hand. I’ve actually met people who are Christian magicians and it seems like an oxymoron to me. You know, the Bible is clear enough if you look in Deuteronomy 18:10 it says, ‘A charmer or consulter with familiar spirits or a wizard or necromancer, all that do these things are an abomination to the Lord’.

  7. What a blessing to get to go to Vietnam! I would enjoy trying the food and being a history buff would enjoy the sites. All the while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ! My big missionary trip(s) were getting to go to Guatemala twice and handing out tons, I mean TONS of tracts (Spanish tracts primarily of course). If you go again Pastor Steve I would be so willing to go with you Lord willing!

    May God bless you as you continue to preach the gospel not only in your backyard (L.A.) but as you go into all the world!

  8. What a great adventure. May God save many souls in Vietnam.

  9. dede: I believe consulting w/demons and deception for ungodly purposes is prohibited. Simple illusions are okay. For you, it may be a matter of conscience, so please, do not participate. I understand. But this is my explanation as written in the post: “These simple performances broke down barriers and opened the doors of many hearts to prepare them for the greater things we were to bring.”

    I appreciate your input!

    Thomas: We do plan on going next year. I’m not sure that you would be able to go since we have extensive team training beforehand. I will check for you though.

  10. Steve bia hoi is beer, literally home brew. You get it for around 20c a schooner on the side of the road. Probably a bit too adventurous I guess. Do you drink beer or did you give it up?

  11. so now you use magic to bring the gospel . What Jesus is not enough .

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