mini-vangie: That Strange “Jesus Guy”


I’m the “Jesus Guy.”
That’s what the high-schooler called me when I handed out million dollar bills and Da Vinci dollars while proclaiming the Gospel to the students that congregate after school at the Starbucks across the street from Redondo High. These were her almost exact words: “You’re that Jesus guy aren’t you?”
I said “Yes.”
Then I noticed a whole school of students waiting at the bus stop on the other side of the street. I ran over, stood on the bus bench and preached while handing out more bills. After the bus left, I ran back over to Starbucks and preached again.
-Steve Sanchez


  1. Steve, you’re a modern-day Paul, aren’t ya? 🙂 Just preachin’ everywhere you go…..with never-ending energy.

  2. Caffeine. Actually, half-caf now.

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