mini-vangies: Crossing the Red SC


My daughters and I stumbled upon a mass of party-on-down ne’er-do-wells while visiting the L.A. Natural History Museum a few weeks back. It was tailgate party time for USC fans and they had taken up every bit of grass that separates The Coliseum from the museum. I was not aware of the cult of USC-dom.
Hundreds—no make it thousands—of spoiled rich people came out and set up their canvas awnings, makeshift BBQ’s, and Good Ole Boy Bubba coolers filled with Bud and Cabernet. “Why are there so many people coming here?” D.D. asked.

“It’s a football game,” I replied.

“They’re all coming just for that?” she asked, astonished.
En masse
they ignored red lights while crossing the streets, trampled flower beds, and nearly crushed my little ones as they rushed to the game like a herd of drunken buffalo. I struck up a couple of conversations with some ex-frats, but they were too busy hurrying to the next tailgate and all too ready to break out another cold one.
I handed out about 5oo Million-Dollar bill Gospel tracts in about one hour. I’d say, “Hey brother, here’s another million; I know you don’t need it though…” I overheard one guy scanning the Gospel message on the back of the bill out loud: “Have I ever lied?” he said reading it with chagrine. “I’m going dowwwwn…”

We’re going down to the USC/CAL game this Saturday and setting up a tailgate of our own. I hope to hand out 10,000 tracts while we are there. Meet us at Hope Chapel at noon or at Exposition Park about 1:30!


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