mini-vangie: The Authority at the Mall


I had an interesting encounter the other night that reminded me of the spiritual authority we all have in Christ..

I stopped 4 teenagers, all around 17 or 18 years-old and gave them each a million-dollars and asked the million-dollar-question: “If you were to die today would you go to heaven or hell?”

I focused on one teen wearing earphones. “Are those turned on?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. “Could you remove them? I insisted, “what I have to say is very important.” After hesitating a bit, he looked at me again to see if I was kidding… I nodded that I wanted him to remove them–and he did.

I continued my conversation with the group but there was one kid goofing off who kept trying to distract the others from the business at hand. He joked, scoffed and was generally disruptive as I spoke. I touched him on the shoulder and firmly but gently asked him to be quiet because what I had to say was very important. He took no offense, but tried to get the others’ attention again. I looked at him squarely in the eye and said, “Please. Listen.”
He stopped. He slowly walked away, then went into a store to wait out the encounter.

The remaining three listened attentively. I thanked them for their time and encouraged them to think about their final destiny.

I believe God will make a way if we gently and persuasively handle a situation with grace, firmness and staunchness of heart where the gospel is concerned, regardless of the obstacles. Remember, eternity is at stake.


  1. Nice to meet you today. It was a lot of fun walking the pier and witnessing to folks. Having a partner does wonders for our boldness. I look forward to witnessing with you again.

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