mini-vangie: Pier Rats


At the base of the Hermosa Pier during my “Hour of Power,” I had the opportunity to talk to about fifteen kids ranging in age from 14 to 24. They wore generation “Y” rebellion gear including the full range of tattoos, piercings, weird hair, scraggly beards and wild eyes. The pier is a regular haunt of theirs and I assume that their parents don’t care, or are never around to offer some supervision.null

I use an edgy approach when approaching groups like this, because I want to get their attention immediately before a new distraction competes with the gospel. After handing out my million dollar bill gospel tracts to break the ice, I asked one individual, “What would happen if you were sitting on your bike, fell over, cracked your head open, bled all over the cement, and when your friends came they slipped in your blood and were unable to help you, and then you died? Where would you go, Heaven or Hell?

This got their attention.

I looked around and got a variety of answers: “In the ground.” “Heaven.” “Hell.”
After taking them through the 10 Commandents, Judgment Day and Hell, I answered all their questions. We had a lively debate, argued, and shook hands after the conversation. I liked them and they liked me. I then invited them to next Friday’s service when I would be speaking—thyen offered to buy all of them dinner if they would sit in the first two rows. There were high-fives, smiles, and invitations to other friends to join them the next week. They thanked me and assured me that they would be there.

I just hope that none of them die before then.

Please pray for these kids to come!


  1. One prayer down. 🙂 They’ll come.

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