mini-vangie: Fishing at the Pier


The Redondo Beach Pier is a great place to evangelize and hand out million-dollar bill gospel tracts; it’s family-friendly and the people that go there are usually quite humble and open to chatting, especially those who are a captive audience as they fish from the rails. On Saturday ten of us met to do our own special brand of fishing… Here are a few highlights:

Cynthia Livingston wants to be a missionary, but was fighting discouragement because she read in a book that if you have not led anyone to Christ in the States, then you certainly won’t overseas. This was her first time evangelizing to strangers even though she’s been a Christian many years. She had only attended one of the evangelism classes that I taught, yet she was willing to give it a go. Cynthia approached a young girl who was watching us film “Gospel Interviews” from the sidelines and started sharing her faith. The next thing you know she was leading this girl in a prayer of repentance. Teary-eyed, Cynthia was over-joyed that God had used her for the first time to bring someone into the Kingdom. An hour later, she did it again. I guess she’ll be a missionary after all.

Another woman joined us, Jessie, who I had only met the week before. She had not taken a class, didn’t know the principles, nor the technique that we use—she came because she was reading this blog and wanted to participate! She shared with a number of people after a brief tutorial on how to do it.

Finally, the Kramer Family was petrefied about having to film us evangelizing. These people are “behind-the-scenes” servants only. While filming, they could stand it no longer and started handing out tracts… and more tracts, until shy Dad Ron, started actually sharing his faith with a stranger. Afterward, he bought two packs of million dollar bills and with a big grin said, “I’m addicted!”


  1. It IS addicting!! Work allowing….i can’t wait to do it again!

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