mini-vangie: Day of Ruin


We set-up our covert evangelism booth at the Redondo Summer Fair right next to the Democratic National Party booth. I cautioned my volunteers to not get into any political arguments, but to be gentle and respectful. Right across from us was a New-Age booth, and next to them a liberal United Methodist booth. It was going to be an exciting day…
Actually it was really mellow. An elderly lady from the Methodists was interested in my style of evangelism, but was concerned for the people who came to just shop and enjoy a sunny day at the fair. “You’re going to ruin their day with the way you talk to them.” I agreed with her. It’s a good thing to ruin a persons’ day with the truth. “People need to be warned that they will be found guilty before a Holy God and will spend their eternity in Hell if their sin isn’t forgiven. Wouldn’t you want to be warned?” She replied, “We are here to just show the love of Jesus.” “So am I. I want to tell others how God showed His love by sending His Son to die an a cross for our sins.”
Throughout the day, I noticed secret glances and whispering lips from the Methodists toward the Hope Chapel “fanatics.”


  1. Dang Hope Chapel fanatics!! Stirring up controversey wherever you go. 🙂

  2. in all seriousness though, this is an issue i stuggle with most when evanglizing to strangers. Ruining their day. Last week i approached two men working on an old car, laughing and having a great time in the beautiful sunshine. As i walked toward them i almost stopped myself beause they were having such a great time, i knew i would kill that by telling them they were going to hell…as it turned out, one of them was and frankly he didn’t care. I didn’t want to ruin their day or their mood, but i reminded myself this was more serious than a bad day. This was about a bad eternity!
    The “people-pleaser” in me needs to get over it.

  3. As a non-believer it did not ruin my day when someone tried to share the Gospel with me. Most of the time I was thrilled that they found happiness (just leave me alone). Sometimes I was irritated they were taking up my time, but I got over that very quickly. There were even a few who ‘touched’ me because they appeared to be sincerely trying to help me.

    To me if you ruin their day with the message you may have been successful in sharing the Gospel.

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