mini-vangie: Clipped!


The manager of the hairstyling school called me into her office yesterday and said, “Have a seat,” in a not-too-friendly way. I knew why I was there.

Last time I got my haircut I shared my faith with about ten tattooed, studded and pierced, rocker-retro-punk stylists. And boy, did they complain. My friend who is going to school there got called in the day after I left and was warned that if I came again I couldn’t share my faith. The students were also instructed to leave me if I started talking about Jesus.

Before I sat down in the manager’s office I told her, “I know why I’m here and you don’t have to worry; I won’t say a thing.” “Someone already told you?” she asked. “Yes.” I walked out of the office, sat down in the waiting room and opened my Bible. I got my haircut and never said a word, though I did wonder if the stylist might do an accidental “Ooops” and give me a Mr. T. But for some strange reason, the manager gave me her top student.

My hair looks darn good—if I do say so myself!

Question: Why do you think I remained silent?

-Steve Sanchez


  1. As much as we should share the gospel with everyone, we Christians also have to be sensivitve and know when to say when. If we keep preaching to people who have already asked us not too, or we know that are unrecieveing, then we risk alienataing them even further from Jesus. And that will hurt the testimony of the next person God puts in their lives. We want to make a good name for Christians, not of one that keeps pushing and keeps pushing….. There is a huge difference between talking WITH someone and talking AT someone. We always want the other person engaged when we spread the Good News.

  2. I think you did the right thing Steve. If you had opened your mouth chances are you might have gotton kicked out, and then you would have ruined your odds of perhaps speaking with those kids again.

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