Million $ Moments: Rejection!


Sharkeez was a great place to hand out million dollar bill gospel tracts. It is a total party bar with long lines of people waiting to get inside. I passed tracts to a group of partying women sitting at an outdoor table and they shouted in delight at the currency. I walked away to talk to other people and when I returned to the girls’ table a woman angrily returned this bill, ripped to pieces. She said that I ruined her day and that, “We just came to have fun…”
3 days after this rejection, Sharkeez burned to the ground. Click to see the picture:


  1. awww…how sad! I’m sad for all the employees that lost their jobs and incomes. When i first heard the news from a couple of sad friends 🙂 I couldn’t believe it. oh well…like their isn’t a hundred other little bars in Redondo Beach.

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