Meet Mike, Homeless Ex-Pastor


I hear a lot of sad stories on the streets while sharing my faith; this is one of them:

I met Mike on a recent excursion to the Redondo Beach Pier. He’s currently homeless, but a few years ago he wasn’t. In fact, he was a pastor of a church until his wife suddenly left him.

Disillusioned, he gave up. It’s been many years since he’s been involved in fellowship; he doesn’t have a job, and he gets stopped frequently by the police because of his rolling suitcase. He told me that it carries his car detailing equipment, but the suitcase makes him suspicious to the police.

After giving Mike a $100 bill Gospel tract I encouraged him to come to my church where he can get some food and some help. I haven’t seen him yet. Pray for Mike.

(Note: Mike gave me permission to take his picture and to ask all of you to pray for him.)

We head to the Redondo Pier this Saturday. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon. Click here for more details.


  1. If you ever meet Mike again, brother, please let him know that he’s in my prayers. It’s sad to read his story; may he count on God to provide!

  2. Thank you pastor Steve for sharing this story, it just goes to prove that we must not assume that all homeless people are nothing but lazy bums.

    You just do not know how those people got to the state they are in until you talk to them.

    Praying for Mike.

    God Bless.


  3. If you do see him again, tell Mike the prayers for him have gone continental. What a sad story. But what a great testimony he could boast in the Lord with should he ever come to intimately know the lover of his soul.

  4. Let’s not forget that Jesus was a homeless guy. Yes, white republican easy-going Christian – HE WAS HOMELESS. Better to be homeless than one of the majority of americans living in nice homes with nice cars, slaving away to maintain their lifestyle, saving up for retirement so they can waste half their life. Greed is the sin of the hour, folks. Enjoy the good life. I’d rather be on the streets with Mike, reconsidering everything, not getting stuck in this massive rat-race – a big damnable illusion called the American Dream. Screw it. Leave your money, your retirement savings, your nice car, your nice house and take the road less-traveled. Nothing against money – just the horrible grasp it has on people.

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