MARTYRS : Nigeria, 1995

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I suspect that this hasn’t happened to you yet while standing for your faith…

In the town of Potiskum, a Christian believer, Azibuike, was stoned and macheted almost to death by Muslims. Another Christian was beheaded. His head was then placed on a stick and carried around the town by a Muslim who repeatedly shouted, “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!” (God is great!) This happened when about 5000 Muslims, mostly young Koranic students, invaded Potiskum with the same shouts.
null The Muslims burned nine churches to the ground, and killed several Christians, among them Pastor Yahaya Tsalibi and Brother Ezra Turaki. Another 165 Christians were injured and Bibles, books, cars, trucks,and equipment belonging to Christians and the churches were set on fire.

Malo Garba was accosted by Muslims and told to recite the Koran, when she refused they struck her in the face several times and broke all her teeth and damaged the bones in her face so severely that it required two operations to repair the damage.

–From The New Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe, rewritten and updated by Harold J. Chambers

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  1. ugh…how aweful! Exactly how long has the Islamic regilion been around? And who is their Jesus?

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