Lost Liberties: Witnessing is No Parade


Frederic Baumann, a resident of Cumming, was arrested on April 22 for distributing tracts outside the Cumming City fairgrounds. The charges? Officials told Baumann that he did not have a parade or demonstration permit.
null Attorneys for Baumann are waiting for a judge’s ruling following a hearing this week, in the unusual case and lawsuit against his alleged violation of a parade ordinance.

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  1. As a person who is starting to hand out tracts and be more open about faith sharing this does bring up some good questions.

    1. How far do you balk when the law comes and says move on? Do you stand your ground or back down hoping to fight another day?

  2. Good questions.

    Type in the word “security” on the search bar of my site and read the articles. Then let me know if you still need some help.


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