Lost Liberties: One Man Parade Sues!


A man who says his constitutional rights were violated when he was arrested for passing out religious literature has filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Cumming, Georgia. His attorney says it’s an attempt to make sure the ordinance under which he was arrested is removed from the books.

This man was arrested for having a parade without a permit! Read the rest here!


  1. I gave a million dollar tract to a man at the mall. He loved it and wanted more for his friends. I told him he had to answer the million dollar question first, then tested him on the commandments. He agreed he needed to repent, and thanked me.

  2. On Monday Sept. 24-2007, I was evangelizing at the Redondo Pier. I finally mustered the courage to stand on one of the benches there, and open air preach an entire gospel message to a large crowd of fishermen. One couple who was passing by smiled at me and said “Amen”. Most of the fishermen turned around and listened. One said “Praise the Lord”. I was very pleasantly surprised that there were no obsceneties, or rejection. “God is good”.

  3. I went for a walk along the beach in the morning, and gave a million dollar tract to two construction workers. They were thrilled. I tested them both on the 10 commandments, which they both failed. I told them what Jesus did for them, explaines the gospel and repentance. They were very thankful, and blessed me.

  4. I was seated on a bench at the beach when a couple city workers came by cleaning, and picking up the thrash. I offered them both million dollar tracts. They said they have lots of them, they are all over the beach. I asked if they had a chance to read the back. They did not know it had a message on it, so they both proceeded to take the bill. At the tail end of my gospel message to them, two more of their co-workers walked up. One said to me, ” Maam, are my guys harrassing you”? I said “No, actually I am the one harrassing them. I was just telling them about Jesus”. I proceeded to give them tracts also, and went through the commandment, then shared the gospel with them as well. They all listened attentively, and were thankful

  5. I gave a million dollar tract to a young man who said he is a christian. I asked if he shared his faith with others. He said, “All the time”. I asked what he says to them. He said he just tells them the have to BELIEVE. I asked him, Believe what? He said, Just believe in God, and have faith. I shared with him the technique I use, stressing the importance to show people that they are sinners in need for repentance. I asked what the word repentance means to him. He said it is confession of sins, and asking God for forgiveness. I told him it goes a step furthur. It is a Godly sorrow, telling God you will not do them any more, and actually being true to your word, turning away from sin. I told him that without true repentance, there is no salvation. He agreed, and thanked me.

  6. Today at the pier I open air preached to a large group of fishermen, and women, speaking as loudly as I could. I spoke about the commandments, gave a full gospel message, quoting scriptures, warning them about the importance of repentance. I told them Jesus loved fishermen, and that many of his disciples were fishermen. One lady looked at me when I said that, and smiled. Once again, I received no abuse. “Praise the Lord”.

  7. This evening I gave million dollar tracts to several individuals, and small groups. I went through the commandments with one family of six. They failed, so I gave them the gospel. They were very attentive, and appreciative, and thankful. Later, one of the ladies said that she and her daughter goes to a christian church, but she still likes to listen, because the message encourages her.

  8. Today at the Torrance Memorial Hospital I gave million dollar tracts to several nurses, then asked the million dollar question, where they think they would go if they die right now. One said heaven, one said hell, one said she did not know. I asked if they kept the commandments. They all said no. The christian stated she is not walking the christian walk like she should. I encouraged her to read the bible, and the importance of obedience to God’s words. I also told her God will bless her if she also tell her colleagues about Jesus and His gospel. They were very busy, so I left with an encouraging word.

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