Let’s Read the Bible Everyday in 2022!

Let’s do it again in 2022! Who’s with me? What’s your daily devotional plan?

Here is mine: I’m reading through the Old Testament, the New Testament, through the Psalms twice, and Proverbs using The One Year Bible. I’m reading a version I haven’t tried yet: The New Living Translation.

My morning devotionals will be: “Streams in the Desert, of which I’ve read through over 10 times. (Get Jim Reimann’s updated translation in the “leather-like edition.)

“Morning & Evening” by Charles Spurgeon, the evening portion. (I alternate every year. Get Jim Reimann’s updated language edition called “Evening by Evening.”)

I’ll continue with “The Valley of Vision,” a leather-like bound book of Puritan prayers.

And I’m including something new this year: “The Loveliness of Christ,” selected readings from the 17th century Scottish pastor, Samuel Rutherford. “A small casket stored with many jewels.”

I also have a couple of prayer journals I use: One from the Voice of the Martyrs which informs me how to pray for the persecuted church, the other, The 30 Day Gift, where I pray for 30 days for specific individuals, writing down the prayers, and giving the book to them afterward. (I do this every other month or so.)

To do this, I must get up early.

I’ve made this commitment over the last several years: “No read, no feed. No Bible, no breakfast.”

Hudson Taylor, the great missionary to China said our devotions ought to be in the morning because “You don’t tune up the instruments after the concert is over. That’s stupid. It’s logical to tune them up before you start!”

I encourage every believer to read the Bible first thing in the morning.

I write all this as an encouragement to you to go deeper, higher, longer and wider with Christ this year. As Samuel Rutherford wrote: “Every day we may see some new thing in Christ. His love hath neither brim nor bottom.”

(This is #1 in a 31 part series. I will be updating this almost daily until I get all the 31 entered from Facebook, where I published them starting January 1, 2022.)

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  1. Patti Priest


    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your blog post’s they are very helpful on my journey home.

    I just started reading the Bible and wanting to go deeper with my relationship with Jesus. I have been wanting to fast for quite a while now, for so many reasons, resentence being one of them.

    Thank you again and God Bless

  2. Reply

    Each month I follow a plan through Psalms and Proverbs that Billy Graham used. I also read through the Gospel of John a chapter a day the first 21 days of each month. I took the remaining 63 books of the Bible and divided them up by chapter to where on average I read 75 verses a day. This plan takes me through the entire Bible in a year, John 12 times, most Psalms and Proverbs 12 times.
    In addition, I read through Skip Heitzig’s Bible from 30,000 feet a chapter a week (there are 52 chapters) and/or watch/listen to the corresponding sermon. These are high level sweeping overviews of the Bible as great reminders of overall themes.
    I created an email automation that will send out reminders of all of the above as well as ACTS verses for prayer, Luther Morning/Evening Prayer, three other Bible reading plans, etc. For details see https://semikkah7.com/bible-reading/ and then click release notes.
    Finally, I have some sermon series that I go through listening to a sermon or two a week until I complete the series. Currently in a series on “The Training of the 12”. Before that I completed series on Matthew.

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