Leland’s Transgression


Yesterday I asked you to explain the interesting scenario that happened recently on a college campus when we set up our evangelism table. A young man named Leland was upset. Our evangelism leader, Bob Johnson, was on Leland’s cell phone talking to Leland’s Mom. I asked you to explain what you thought may be happening and I got some great responses to the photo on the right. (Read the original article here.)

Here’s what happened: Bob offered Leland $20.00 if he could pass the “Good Person Test.” He was excited to try. Bob took him through the 10 Commandments.

“Have you ever told a lie, Leland?” Bob asked.

“Nope,” Leland confidently replied.

“Stolen anything?”


Bob persisted. “Have you ever looked with lust, taken God’s name in vain, or hated anyone?”

Leland denied ever doing any of those things. In fact, Leland always put God first, always honored his father and mother, never desired anything more than God, and never coveted anything.  And I’m sure, if asked, he never missed a Sabbath rest. Yes, Leland was the perfect man. 

Bob gently tried to demonstrate that no one could keep the perfect Law of God, but Leland insisted that he had never sinned.

I stepped in, explaining that if we say that we are without sin then we make God out to be a liar. I also instructed him that the Psalmist says “all men are liars.” “So, Leland, who’s lying? You or God?”

“God,” Leland insisted. Frustrated, I told Leland that he had just blasphemed, that he wasn’t getting the twenty dollars, and passed him back to Bob.

That’s when Leland called his Mom in Washington State to complain.

Bob took the phone and patiently explained the situation to Mom. Fortunately, she was a Christian and agreed with Bob, telling her son to listen to him.

Leland still wanted the twenty; instead, Bob gave him a stuffed animal.

Then his sister walked up to the table and I took her through “The Good Person” test. But that’s another story.

Don’t get me started…


Yes, in retrospect, we should have just given Leland the twenty. Oh well, live and learn.

*** The winners of the creative scenario contest, those who came closest to the actual event, were…Tom Nance-Ulrich and Paul Latour. May you be blessed with many Lelands in your evangelistic endeavors.***


  1. Wait, so a grown man who knows full well that he is lying has to call his mommy to try to get someone to give him $20? That is so ludicrous. Whatever happened to real men anymore?


  2. I have a sense that Mr Leland may have some type of mental disability which impairs his ability to fully understand the nature of the questions asked of him.

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