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I have an opportunity to be interviewed about our church’s (Hope Chapel) evangelism ministry on a great new program on KKLA FM. The show is called LAST WORDS RADIO and is devoted solely to Biblical Evangelism.

Tony Miano, head of the Ambassadors’ Academy at The Way of the Master, asked me to join his team via telephone to talk about how our evangelism ministry started. I hope to offer some helpful tips on how to start an effective evangelism program at your church, too.

Tune in at 9PM this Saturday night; our interview will be on about 9:10. Feel free to call in at this number: 888-995-KKLA. You can also listen online at  

If you miss the show live, then you can hear the podcast which will be available Sunday evening at 

Here are some real last words from famous people:


Ludwig van Beethoven’s last words were: “Friends applaud, the comedy is finished.”

George Washington’s last words were: “Tis well.”

Terry Kath, co-founder and guitarist of the band Chicago, said these last words before playing a game of Russian Roulette: “Don’t worry it’s not loaded.”

James Whale, homosexual director of the classic ’30’s film, “Frankenstein,” wrote these last words on a suicide note: “The future is just old age and illness and pain… I must have peace and this is the only way.”

For more last words and tombstone epitaphs, click here.


  1. Hey Steve,

    Congrats on the radio interview Saturday night. You sounded like…like…well, like YOU!

    Real interesting to hear the background of how your ministry began. I met Ray & Kirk here in Ottawa back in August of 2003 as they brought their message over a weekend at a local church. Part of the program was seeing them in action downtown. I knew this would dramatically change my witness approach from then on.

    I had been witnessing on a regular basis for one year by that time and my converstations were long and drawn out. When I learned how to circumvent the intellect and go straight to the heart, my conversations were quick, to the point and effective. I didn’t start open air preaching until last year.

    Today, my wife and I (longtime members of what Lawman calls “Club Frustration”) head out on our own regularly to bring the gospel to as many people as we can. We hand out boatloads of MDB’s and Comfort’s “Why Christianity” booklet. We speak one-on-one, small groups (we like aiming at teens) and I preach open air when and where the Lord leads.

    Like you, I am so grateful for Ray Comfort, his sermon “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and the wonderful ministry he leads via Way of the Master. We have all benefitted from this blessing, have we not?

  2. I wish to respectfully correct the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Terry Kath. Terry was NOT playing Russian Roulette when he died. Unfortunately, he had been under the influence of substances, was cleaning his gun (which had a history of hair-trigger firing) and was waving it about his head believing that it was unloaded because the clip had been removed. In his unfortunate altered state he had forgotten that a round remains in the chamber with that type of gun. Please correct this as it is hurtful to those who loved him.

    Thank you

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