Kourageous Kids


I teach an evangelism/drama class at my church for kids 9-13 years of age (ya gotta teach them when they are young because when they get older they just won’t do it!). Part of their homework is to hand out a million-dollar bill Gospel tract each day and write about their experiences. I will post one of their testimonies¬†each day this week. This is from Seth Lewis, age 9.

“I was at the park. I saw a man and gave him a million dollar bill. He did not want it at first, but then he took it.”


  1. Good for you Seth! See how easy that was?

    What you did may not seem like much to some people, but just think about this: because of what you gave this man in the park, it should come to no surprise to you if you actually met him in Heaven one day. I think he would tell you how much he appreciated you leading him to Jesus in this special way…forever! Wouldn’t THAT be the coolest?

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