Joel Osteen’s Preaching Love Seat

A few posts below there is a picture of George Whitefield’s preaching stool where he would stand when preaching to crowds numbering up to 20,000 in the open-air. null But that was then, and this is now! Things have changed! Who needs to preach open-air when you can sit comfortably indoors?

On Valentine’s Day why preach sin when you can preach–self-esteem? Why preach about Judgment Day when you can preach about–joy? And why even mention Hell when you can shout Hallelujah? We all need a kinder, friendlier, Gospel of Love because it’s all about good feelings, great attendance and giving! So give! Give! GIVE! (Proverbs 30: 15a)
null Who needs to get spit on and cursed and riled by the teeming unwashed masses in the open-air when you can enjoy comfy-couch Christianity inside your church arena–while waiting to move into your new stadium?  God indeed loves everyone… just the way they are–especially when their checkbooks are handy. (Mastercard & Visa accepted.)


  1. Actually Steve, I found out that Joel Osteen’s church has the largest street evangelism team in the entire world. That is, from any single church. Joel encourages the church weekly to become volenteer street evangelist’s in their massive street team. The street evangies meet by the hundreds once a month in designated locations in Houston TX, just like you and Hope are doing in Los Angeles CA. The only thing I don’t like is they charge for their pizza and tracks. lol $20.00 for Training, Lunch, Water, Packet, Tracts, and a Bible. I guess they have to do this because of the amount of people wanting to witness who are begginers. Actually dude, the church has dozens of outreaches to the lost. Go to the church web site and see:

    His church is big and he believes prosperity is a blessing from God, but his preaching in his church [the tv ministry] is mostly to the church about living right and victorious christian lives, not to be worried or depressed. He teaches mostly for Christians to trust in God and live in peace. His message is about Christian living. He shares Christ with sinners at the end of every show. I have his book, “your best life now”. The book does teach to share your faith with others. But most pastors of their churches are like that anyway. Rarely do you hear any pastor preaching hell to sinners from the pulpit anymore. They mostly tell us to go do it! lol

  2. I agree with VAL. I might not agree with all of what Joel does. But who cares what I think. He has the gift of edification and uses it. He builds existing Christians. We are already saved. Do we need to be hammered about the law and judgment? Are we not already cleansed? Do we still need milk? Or do we need to move on to strong meat?
    I fully believe that unsaved people need to hear the law and of their pending future, But then, as well as we who are already saved need to learn about the walk we are supposed to have with God and the rewards are well as the punishments that come with that walk or from falling from it. In closing. Was it not Christ himself that said ” A house divided cant stand”?