Indelible Truth


I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve never seen “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” displayed like this.

Anna “Banana” Jackson is pretty much out there with her passion for evangelism and love for the lost. But why would she do such a thing as this? Click here to find out. (Anna also answers those who would question whether getting a tattoo is a sin.)

Know the tattoo and the tattoo will set you free.


  1. Not a bad justification for pick and choosing which old testament laws you want to follow.

  2. HAHAHA! Love that you posted this under “abnormal” evangelism ideas! You’re hilarious Steve-o! 😀

  3. Steve,

    Gotta agree with Jim on this one. Always grew up with the notion that tats are a no-no. Its’ why I don’t have one.

  4. So, how would you share the Gospel???

  5. @BathTub & Jim,

    Christians don’t pick and choose which laws to abide by. The basic understanding of the laws is this, the Ten Commandments are written in our hearts (permanent). The other 600+ laws mentioned in the Old Testament were for Israel only. I believe this teaching has been explained to you at Ray’s blog.

    Therefore, Banana is free from the Leviticus 19:28 law.

    • I’ve explained this before; they know. They just want to provoke an argument, Dede.

      Thank you.

      Beside, it doesn’t matter to the atheists, because they make up there own laws as they go along.

      • Absolutely. We find what laws work best for society. We discard the ones that don’t work and try to improve the ones that do. Imagine how gloomy things would be if all we had were the 10 Commandments. Very broad and yet they don’t even cover all the bases. Hardly an ideal standard for anyone.

      • yeah, i know steve. the funny thing is they profess to be wise, they become fools. still, as often as you’ve explain it to them they really aren’t paying attention and are poor students. i’d give them an F for Bible. but, your right, about wanting to provoke an arguement. don’t worry, i’m on to them. ; )

    • Oh yes, you say that, but when we ask for biblical justification, that’s when the running begins. Also remember it’s not even the 10 commandments, it’s the 9 commandments (and that’s ignoring “which set of 9 commandments?”).

      You ran away last time too Steve. It’s not an argument when all you do is run away.

  6. Steve rather than just deleting my posts could tell me why, so I can fix them? What’s that 5 now with no explanation?

    • I didn’t want to have a bunch of atheists ragging on a man who they disagree with. It’s okay if you disagree with me.

      • So you want others to respond to us, but we can’t respond to them?

      • Of course not. It’s just very easy to allow these comments to get wayyyyyy off topic. Also, the words and phrases that some people use I will not tolerate. So… if there is nothing more to say about this particular topic of the tattoo, I wouls respectfully ask the atheists to post off topic stuff on their given day: Tuesday.

    • Funny since I was of course referring to the 5 or so posts you deleted from the Atheist Tuesday topic.

  7. It seems to me that we have taken the 10 commandments and God out of society, and have tried to increase “laws.” Society is getting more criminal, not better, jails and prisons are overflowing in size, not decreasing.

  8. I have to disagree with this. Tatoos should not be involved in evangelism. This is too close to the world’s way of doing things. She may be sincere, but that doesn’t justify the tattoo. Jesus’ name belongs in our hearts and flows from our lips.

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