I Can’t Take it Anymore!


I preached a sermon a while back that emphasized why and how to use the 10 Commandments when evangelizing. Here is one response from a man, Bert Rivera, who wants to do something about Jesus’ command to “GO!” To get an opposite response, scroll down and read the next entry.

Steve, I’ve been a member of Hope Chapel since 2001. My daughter and I listened to your sermon this Sunday morning. We laughed, I wept at times and I for maybe the 3rd or 4th time in my Christian life, I feel God is trying to get through to me… He wants me to get off my self-satisfied, middle class
behind and obey him… my daughter and I have been handing out a few million dollar bills since the first time you preached on this (a month ago), but I have only really talked to ONE person about the text on the bill.

I recently went to a training class for a new business that I purchased. ( I
already own a successful business and I am a firefighter, to give you some
background) and the President and CEO is a born-again Christian who
acknowledges God in every part of his company….which is very encouraging
to me. However, my team leader called me up the day before you spoke this
Sunday and said he feels that he and I should start evangelizing and make
it a goal to bring 10 people to Christ through our business! This is really weird because first you spoke, then I met this guy Tom, who then introduced me to the president of the company, Mike Jackson, who really evangelizes his product line and encourages all business owners to share their faith, then I go to a training class Saturday where the speaker is Doug Jackson (Mike’s brother) who peppers his delivery with references to Jesus evangelizing (lead by example; follow the example of Jesus), then you spoke again and I saw the video clips on screen and… I just cannot ignore it anymore… I have been ditching, avoiding, postponing and making excuses all my Christian life… I can’t take it anymore!!! I have to get trained and evangelize and tell the world like Jesus commanded.

I just have to get trained. I would like to know when on my crazy work
schedule I can meet with you and work out a game plan.


  1. Nicely done Uncle Bert. I wish you the best of luck on your mission. I know how hard it can be to witness to people you know. ~Val

  2. Good for you Bert!! I’m proud of you!

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