Hot Dog Customers Relish the Preaching


On occasion, we get some encouragement. Here are two emails I received from happy customers waiting in line at Pink’s World Famous Hot Dogs (read the article with photos and bad puns here), an eatery that has been a staple tourist attraction for nearly 70 years in L.A.. Every time we go to Hollywood, we try to preach to the hundreds—that’s right, hundreds—standing in line for a hot dog.
First, we hand out Gospel tracts to “warm up the audience,” then we preach a short 8 minute sermon, load back up in the car, and drive away. On Thursday, you will read about an incident that happened on Sunday that went bad.

Dear Hope Church,

I received your 100 dollar bill at Pinks Hot Dog Stand on LaBrea and Wilshire. I was in Los Angeles at the time on business. The middle aged gentleman that spoke out in the parking lot that Sunday afternoon did an exceptional job and was very articulate. It took courage for him to do that because the gospel is offensive to this world that we live in. Please pass on my word of encouragement to him.
null Note: The articulate middle-aged man was probably “Righteous Richard” Chavarria. After I preach to the front of the line, he preaches to the back of the line, the line that winds it’s way into the parking lot. Though he’s not middle-aged anymore—he passed that marker many, many, many moons ago— we’ll show him a little grace…

Here’s another one:

I was standing in line at Pink’s getting a hotdog when I was asked the Million Dollar Question. Thankfully I had the right answer and told the nice man that I was a Christian. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that the good news of Jesus is being spread.

God Bless you all, Andrew
The Bridge Bible Fellowship, Reseda


  1. I love how the traffic arrow on the ground appears to be pointing at (I’m assuming) “Righteous Richard.”

  2. WOW!!! I am so blessed by watching this. I am hoping to one day b/c a missionary, and believe that God is leading me to that road.

    Thanks for doing this.
    ~liza SOBE

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