2. Forgive me, Steven, for I have sinned. (Yes, there is an alternate viewpoint.)

    • Thank you Nameless.

      I can’t allow all your posts through and give God and Christ honor. I’m assuming you are sincere. I don’t mind yours (and others) alternative points of view, as long as they are respectful.


    Sorry I was late. Been a busy day. Hallelujah!!

  4. YES, RISEN INDEED!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you all had a great Resurrection Day!!!

  5. Better late than never….HE is Risen Indeed!

    Pastor Steve, you’d be proud…we had 4,000+ in attendance for Easter service yesterday (4 services), and since our pastor was sure there were a lot of once-a-year type folks, he…..gave everybody the good person test!! He started out by saying, “There’s a general assumption these days that good people go to Heaven. The problem with that is, you’re not as good as you think you are!”

    Imagine 4,000 people raising their hands to admit to lying, theft, lust, and idolatry! He even said, “Look around, and if someone doesn’t have their hand up, point to them and say ‘Liar!'” I almost fell off my seat when I realized what he was doing. I believe a lot of people heard something they’d never gotten from an Easter service.

    It was awesome. And the Lord was praised above all.

  6. Praise God, Glenn that is awesome! The pastor that was at the church I go to also went through some of the 10 Commandments with the gospel. It wasn’t as clear as I would have liked it but it was one of the best Easter messages I have ever heard so far in giving the whole gospel. I think the Holy Spirit is waking believers up to the reality of the biblical gospel. Just wish it would happen faster! Praise Him!!!

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