Hasta la Vista, Preachin’ Peter


It’s with great sadness and joy that I will be saying goodbye to this young man, at least for a few years, anyway…

Peter Johnson had the distinction of  graduating at the top of my evangelism class with the exact same score as his fraternal twin, then becoming the youngest Academy Awards street preacher at the tender age of 16 .

After becoming a leader on our Hope Chapel evangelism team, he encouraged students at El Camino College in The Way of the Master, witnessed to members of the Gay/Straight Alliance Club, helped me with Free Speech permits on campus, and debuted the “Are You Ready?” cross on the library lawn where we shared our faith weekly. (He also had great fun carrying his cross here and here.) Peter cut his teeth in videography by filming and editing the majority of my evangelism videos over the last two years as well; his most popular one by far being this video.

Now, alas, he’s heading off to greener pastures: The Master’s College, a place for serious students of God’s Word, where he hopes to continue spreading the gospel with like-minded peers.

Good luck, Peter! We’ll miss you!


  1. Steve
    Thanks for the compilation of memories . . .
    — Peter’s Dad

  2. Hey Peter

    Sad to see you leave for Master’s College.
    It has been a blessing having you on the team going out on the weekends. Your zeal for the Lord, your passion to reach the lost, your sincerity, your prayers have all been inspirational.
    Praying that God would bless you with much success as you attend college and that He will continue to use you for His glory. All the best to you! Sure we’ll see you around eh?

  3. Go in the power of the Holy Spirit, Pete!
    from Robert “Pete” Moss(aka Tractman)

  4. Adios, Peter! I have truly enjoyed your talent in videography. You actually accomplished the near impossible task of making Steve Sanchez look good. 😀

    You’re on the right track. Keep ‘er movin’! Something tells me you’re gonna do alright!

    God’s richest blessings to you and all He leads you to do.

  5. Well the time has come to say goodbye to a young friend of mine, Peter Johnson. Well I do hope to see him again in the near future, I know that he will not be going out with me on any of our evangelistic outings. And this is where I’ll miss him the most. But then again, maybe now I’ll be able to hand out some tracts…you see he has a way of running ahead and giving out tracts to folks before I get there. And maybe now…I won’t be asked to carry the cross that says “Are you ready”, since he was the one that called me out carry it in the first place and then had the nerve to film me while I did so. Speaking of filming, I will miss his many clips he produced of us evangelizing. Such as the one he made of me at the DMV. I will also miss his big smile and totally positive attitude. Most of all I’ll miss praying with him and miss his sincere heart felt prayers. Lord, guard my brother keep his heart pure and keep him safe tell we meet again. And I say happy trails to you Peter.

  6. I will miss Peter, however I am very excited that he has been accepted at the Master’s College. I will miss his on fire attitude, his thoughtful 1 2 1 preaching, his open air witnessing which is improving at an amazing pace, and his willingness to serve whenever called upon. He is a fine young man, and I look forward to his regaling us with new tales of witnessing and encouragement from his new home away from home, Masters College. They are lucky to have him!!

    God speed young brother!!

  7. There’s nothing Pete won’t do for Jesus. He’s all in for God! I especially appreciate his gift of encouragement.

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