Hail Mary Heckling


Was she cursing or blessing us? You be the judge as you watch this one minute portion of “Righteous Richard” Chavarria preaching to an organic congregation composed of Notre Dame fans.

Before their big game with USC last weekend we spotted this little crowd and thought it to be an opportune time to give the Gospel. One lady apparently didn’t like it. Another man shouted, “We don’t need God; we’re Catholics!”


  1. She wasn’t cursing or blessing. She was commiting idolatry in the form of praying to a co-redemptrix diety that doesn’t exist. Like the guy said “We don’t need God! We’re Catholics”. That says it all.

  2. That was so weird… I’ve never seen anything like it.

  3. First, I’d like to thank Alfy for stepping in an blocking this woman, so Richard could continue preaching without missing a beat.

    Second, I agree with Paul above, this was definitely idolatry in action; praying to a false god whom she called “holy mother of God”. The true God is the “self-existing one” (as He told Moses His name was ) who doesn’t have a mother. Catholics remain one of the largest harvest fields we are called to go to an “preach the Gospel”. Keep preaching Brothers!

  4. That was wild. Interesting that she felt threatened.

    Curious….why did you do this “organic congregation?” How many people do you actually reach this way? I am an evangelical Christian and I find it odd when I go to a public event and someone is standing outside shouting about Jesus and trying to share the Gospel that way.

    This does not seem to be the best way to share Christ with the world because they rarely take it as intended. Many appear to believe the messenger is crazy.

    No criticism….just want to understand.

  5. Hi Melanie,

    Here’s an article by Charles Spurgeon that you might find helpful:


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