Guest E-vangies: Tripped Up!


By Lori Porter

There is a 55-year-old Chinese man who played basketball with us on our women’s team.

A couple of Fridays ago I decided he would be my “person of the day” when we practiced. I discussed the million-dollar bill Gospel tract with him, but he was very nonchalant about Hell. I called Pat the coach over to discuss this. We went over Hell and how real it was, yet he was still mocking us in a nice way. He thought that because all the prostitutes, drunks, etc., were going to be in Hell that it would be a fun place. He said he could not read the little print and asked me to read the back of the million-dollar bill to him.

While we were playing basketball he tripped on a pencil that mysteriously appeared on the court. I said, “Harry, you could have just fallen and broke your neck and died. God must be sending you a message.”
null “Maybe, he replied.

Sadly his brother died the Saturday after that. I found out that he called Pat the coach to talk about the things we were talking about previously.

“A little bird told me you might be coming to church,” I said.

He said, “Yes,” then we just sat in silence for a few minutes because I did not know what to say.
null I will probe him more on eternity the next time I see him.

If you see an older Chinese man with Pat the coach this weekend, introduce yourself. His name is Harry. Please pray for him. Even though he was mocking, he is a very sweet man.

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