Guest E-vangies: The Fortune Teller


This is an account from a high school girl, Micah Mounts, who went on a mission to New Orleans last week:

My first million dollar bill story! While shopping in the French Quarter on the last day of our missions trip in New Orleans, Courtney, Anais, and I got separated from the group. We stood on a street corner deciding what to do next. To the right of us were about five fortune teller stands, and one of the ladies working there was staring at us. null After a few minutes I realized that there was a reason why we’re standing there. I told my friends that we needed to talk to this lady. “Does anybody have a million dollar bill?” I asked. I looked in my wallet, and whaddaya know, a million dollar bill. It had literally been there for three months and I have never used one before. We walked up to the lady and she told us to sit down, we did, and she asked, “Have you ever got a reading before?” Courtney said, “Actually, we’d like to ask you a question.” We asked her the million dollar question and the questions that follow. She turned out to be a Pentecostal Christian and she admitted that she knew that she was doing was wrong. She was totally OK with talking to us, and she even let us pray for her. I was suprised. I had been afraid to witness to people for so long, and the first time I did it with a complete stranger was a psychic, imagine that. We told Rachel (the fortune teller) that we would keep her in our prayers and she thanked us. We felt so much more confident the rest of the day. We were saying “God Bless You” to anyone that said “Hi” or that had helped us that day. I am so ready to go out and evangelize!


  1. Yeah!!! Good job Micah for listening to the Holy Spirit and going to talk to her. Even when you ask the questions to a saved person, it’s not all for want. Perhaps you helped convict her or whatever. Ya know?

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