Guest E-vangies: RICHER LAKERS By Warren C.


On the way home today I decided to stop by Fry’s in Manhattan Beach. I parked my vehicle at Manhattan Village Mall and saw a crowd at the grand opening of Joey’s BBQ; noticing there was a mall cop, I needed to be discreet.

At a table were two guys signing autographs; I recognized Jordan Farmar because of his distinct ears. I asked a bystander who the other guy was and he told me it was Luke Walton.
nullSince I was very close to the players, I was able to hand a Million-dollar bill Gospel-tract to both of them.

I then handed out 20 tracts to the people in line and was approached by the cop, “Are you with the restaurant?”

“No,” I said.

“I will have to ask you to stop.”

“Okay,” I said. Deep down inside I was jumping for joy knowing that the full message of the Gospel was in the hands of two Laker players and 20 or so other people.

What better gift than to give the message of Christ to guys who have too many millions as it is?


  1. Hey WC, Good Job!

  2. Excellant work. About 7 weeks ago, I was with the J team on a HOP. I was with Patrick and he handed Brain Cook a MDB. So, you got two of the Lakers and I think I read where someone handed Kobe a tract in one of Ray Comforts newsletter. Anyway, I love it!!!!

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