Guest E-vangies: One Proud Mom

This was an encouraging email I just received from a proud Mom, Kyungbin Yi. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, coming on the heels of two very discouraging emails I got last week.

I just wanted to share with you something very exciting. My 7th grade son, Elijah, lead his friend to Christ by asking the million dollar question yesterday. When he first told me and my husband, we were a little surprised and wanted to know if he really had done it “correctly”. He told us what he did and we were really amazed at the steps he had followed—even down to having his friend follow him in the sinner’s prayer. We had never practiced these steps or even talked about evangelizing in this way and asked him where he had learned it. He just said he heard [how to do it] at church. He was at the service when you shared about leading people to Christ using the million dollar question and he said it just stuck in his head. After hearing his testimony, his little sister commented, “Wow, God really helped you.” It truly was God! It was so exciting that I just had to share with you! Thank you for your commitment to training people in this way of evangelism. It’s so easy that even a 7th grader can do it :). I know that you can get discouraged sometimes, but I wanted my son’s testimony to really encourage you.


  1. All the glory be to God. 🙂