Guest E-vangies: FAMILY FUN by Anonymous

Christmas-time can sometimes bring wondeful memories as well as unwanted conflicts. This is written from a graduate from my evangelism class who gave permission to print this, but wished to remain anonymous. Please pray for her and her family.

My husband was apparently “saved” when he was in High School. According to my mother-in-law, he was very active in church and passed out bibles. However, since I’ve known him he hasn’t attended church regularly, doesn’t take communion, and unfortunately won’t pray with me. That leads me to think that he is a false convert.
null We were talking last night and I told him that I couldn’t make it to a social event Tuesday night because it was the last class, etc. He nodded and said something about how I better not try using any of this on his family during Christmas. I replied with “I can’t guarantee that.” So he told me that I can only talk to them about it if they ask me specific questions about my faith. I agreed. Then I started explaining to him how I would share it with them: “I would ask them if they died today would they go to heaven or hell? Then I would ask them if they’d kept the 10 Commandments starting with lying, then stealing, and blasphemy”—then my husband stopped me.

“Why are you going through all this with ME?” he said. “I already know it.”

“Do you?” I asked. “You don’t go to church and you won’t take communion. How do I know that you are saved?”

He just looked at me quite stunned and said, “I guess that’s between me and my God.”

What do you think? Was the wife’s approach appropiate?


  1. Yes! As I was reading I was thinking, ‘good for her, talking so openly to her husband and voiceing what is on her mind’. I sinercely hope he wasn’t a false convert. Please let her know I’m lifting her and her husband up in my prayers tonight. God bless!