Guest E-vangie: MORE FUN WITH “CHRISTIANS” By Richard Chaverria

I met a gentleman who was sitting with his friend drinking Coronas at one of the outside patio bars in Hermosa Beach.
null He objected to the way I was evangelizing his unsaved friend seated next to him. “I’m born-again,” the gentleman said, “and I attended Jerry Falwell’s school of theology. I’m working on getting my friend saved.”

“You do not know the hour of your friend’s death,” I whispered.

“You are soliciting Jesus and you need to stop!”

I left them both with a Million-Dollar Bill Gospel tract.


  1. Hiya Steve, hows your evangelising going?
    In regards to the above, I would have liked to have heard their conversation once you left.
    Its intersting how so many christians speak negativly about other christians behind their backs, and alot of us atheist hear it all the time, and yet you and the rest of them would like us atheist to convert to christianity.

    What is so great about being a christian? They quite often lie, deceive, exagerate and that is just to try and make a convert out of someone.
    Are you a lying,theiving adulterer at heart?
    Maybe you will say yes, and if thats the case, why should anyone believe what you have to say? And if all men are liars at heart, then so is every one in the bible, yeah?
    No one in the bible, ever had a bible.