Guest E-vangie: Foul Mouths, Frogs, and Magic


By Kirk Cameron
(This is an article from

I was walking quickly along a busy Indiana highway in the dark, trying to get back to my hotel (I was scheduled to speak at a church), when I noticed a lot of commotion coming from the parking lot. There was a pond surrounded by large rocks and about a dozen loud, foul mouthed teenagers. Water was flying everywhere and the young men sounded like a pack of hyenas that had just captured their prey. When I asked them what they were doing, they laughed and showed me. I felt sick. I watched as one kid lifted up another rock to find a big fat frog, and the others hurled more rocks at the frog until they killed it.

I returned to my room, but couldn’t stay. I marched back out to frog killers armed with some Million Dollar Bill tracts, a simple magic trick, and a determination to share the gospel with some heartless souls. This is how it played out:To continue reading, just click here!


  1. I hope God poked around in their hearts. And i’m sure the frogs of America hope so also.

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