Guest E-vangie: ABUSED! By Mark Haley


I too have been persecuted for handing out a Million-Dollar bill Gospel tract! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Now that I have your attention, this is my E-vangie tale:

I have been on 3 excursions with Steve to hand out Million-Dollar bills and the most heinous persecution that I received has been, (are your ready for this, are you sitting down, are you really sure that you want to read further, turn away before it too late): NO THANK YOU! That’s it, that is the worst thing that anyone has ever said to me.

But on a more serious note, the most frightening thing that someone has said to me, (after I asked them if they were going to Heaven or Hell) was: “I will deal with Hell when I get there.” Ooooohhh, you sure will but I’m afraid at that time, it will be too late for you.

People are going to Hell all around us. What has God called you to do? Simply open your mouth and ask, “Have you gotten one of these?” Then hand them a Gospel tract, speak some words about their accountability before God, and let the Holy Spirit do His work.


  1. One of my favorite sayings came from Campus Crusade for Christ many years ago.

    Successful Evangelism is sharing Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit and leaving
    the results up to God.

    Another favorite saying is, “If you don’t believe in God now, you sure in hell will”…..

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