Gospel Water


null I need volunteers to help hand out free water to the minions at the “Fiesta Hermosa” this weekend. We have made special labels that ask the million-dollar question, give the full Gospel, church times and contact info. We purchased 3,000 bottles! One problem: There are not enough volunteers to help on Sunday and Monday and we will have to cancel those days. Will you help? Just leave a comment if you can volunteer. Thanks.


  1. Yes and i can drag alone a willing friend. 🙂 How cool!! I want some of those waters. What an awesome idea. Who thought of it?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Count myself & Brittany on this great adventure for Sunday.

  3. I can work a couple of hours on Sunday. I agree with Jamie: It is, indeed, a great adventure!

  4. The boys and I are planning to help for a few hours on Monday — probably about noon.

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