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I did a funeral today for a man who was quite beloved in the city of Santa Monica. He was a political activist (aren’t they all in Samo?) and helped out lots of people. The city Fathers were there including the mayor and councilman Bobby Shriver, (brother of Maria (Shriver) Schwarzenegger). Not knowing the spiritual beliefs of the deceased, I usually end the service with: “He’s in God’s hands now.” This is true, whether saved or unsaved. If a person is saved, then he is in the hands of a loving Father and will dwell with Him forever in a place where there is no more sorrow or pain. If a person rejects Christ, he will face the eternal wrath of God’s justice. Both are the destinies meted out by the hands of a good and loving God. At the gravesite I said, “If [dearly beloved] could speak to you now, he would tell you that Jesus Christ is LORD!”
-Steve Sanchez

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  1. Do you think its okay for the preacher who is leading the funeral service to preach the Gospel? Some people think its insensitive. My husband always shares the Gospel at any funeral he is asked to participate in. Most of the time, the family tells him afterward that they appreciate it or that he did a good job. Sometimes, they wont speak to him afterwards. Once, he was threatened. A man told him the day before the funeral, “I’ve heard of you and I know how you operate. We just want this short and sweet and that’s what you better do.” Of course, my husband got the Gospel in and (thank God) he didn’t get beat up! He says at funerals there are so many people who are lost and never go to church, and the only time they get preached to is at funerals!

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