Fun w/Millions: Opening Lines


I have a lot of fun handing out the Million-Dollar bill Gospel tract. Here are a few ways to get people to take one:

Ask: “Did you get one of these?” People will think they’re missing out if they don’t take one. Don’t ask, “Would you like one of these?” They’ll answer, “No!”

At the gas station I like to say, “Here,” as I hand them the bill. “This will pay for half a tank.” They always laugh.

At the bank I say, “Here is a really big deposit for you.”

To service workers like checkers or box boys or waitresses I say, “They don’t pay you enough do they?” Then I hand them the bill. And they laugh and say “Thank-you!!!”

Just yesterday there were three guys wearing expensive suits and holding clipboards while analysing a building. I handed each guy a million-dollar bill and said, “Here you go. Now you can buy yourselves some new suits.”

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