Fun W/Millions: EVERYWHERE! By Cyndee


Homework for our current evangelism class includes handing out a Million-dollar Gospel-Tract to one person a day, every day of the week, and posting a short E-vangie Tale about it. One student, Cyndee, has written a Tale nearly everyday. I do believe she will be a successful Seedsower. Here is one short Tale that she has written (to read more, click the “Comments” section of “What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #7, #8):

Went to work today and never left the office. So on the drive home I was scouring all the other cars and foot traffic wondering who and how I could give away a Million-dollar bill. Finally, as I was getting awfully close to home, I stopped at an intersection and a couple began to cross from the left to right side. Woo hoo, they are the ones. As they got close to my driver side I called out and waved the MDBs. “Excuse me, these are for you!” The woman came over to me and I gave her two. “There’s a cool message on there, please read it.” She remained a little puzzled, but took the Millions, rejoined her mate, and they continued through the intersection as I drove away.

Today I walked around the little strip mall near work. A pizza man was making a delivery and I said, “Here’s a tip.” Just a few steps later a Subway employee was taking a smoke break and I said the same thing as she took it. A few more steps and a business man walked toward me. “Has anyone ever given you one of these?” I asked. He hesitated and I insisted, “Go ahead, take it.” He did, then let out a hearty laugh. A bit further down a fellow was walking toward me and eating food out of a fast food bag. I had the impression it was someone else’s food. I thrust the Million toward him and he said with a toothless smile, “No, I don’t think so.” I said he really should take it, and dropped it into his food bag and we both kept walking our separate ways.

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