Fun w/ Millions: The Shy Guy

He didn’t want to go , but I convinced the very shy and introverted “Bill” to join me for one hour last Friday as I evangelized and handed out million dollar bill gospel tracts. “Okay,” he agreed, “but I’m not going to talk.”

Within fifteen minutes he had separated himself from our group and was furiously passing out bills to this person, that person, the other guy, and his mother too! Beads of sweat formed on his brow like crystal B.B.’s as he forced the millions into the hands of unsuspecting sinners. Before our very eyes we witnessed a miraculous transformation as “Bill” took a small step of faith and did something he felt he couldn’t do: Share his faith with strangers by passing out tracts.

When our time was up we all piled into my car to head back. While stopped at a red light, “Bill” took the initiative to hang out the passenger window with one of his millions and shout to some surprised pedestians, “Hey! Did you get a million dollars yet?”

He earned the nickname, “Bulldog.”
Who said evangelizing to strangers is just for extroverts?


  1. hahaha…Good for “Bill”! Just goes to show, that when we feel that prompting in the heart, all we have do is obey. God will equipp us with everything we need. Even courage. 🙂