Fun W/ Millions: THE OFFICE by Olga Boadt


Olga is Director of Human Relations at her company. This is her account of a million dollar day at work:

I was asked to go to our corporate office in Marina Del Rey, and I needed a box filled with documents to be taken to my car.null I asked one of the fellows in the mailroom, Ish, to take the box to my car. When he came to my office to pick the box up, he saw a Million-Dollar bill Gospel tract that I always carry in my appointment book since the bills first came out.

“Did you win the lottery?” he asked.

Not knowing exactly what he was talking about, because I did not make the connection immediately, I said no, and that’s when he pointed to the bill.

He was startled that I was carrying too much money because it was so easily seen on my desk. “Would you like to see the bill?” I asked. He was astonished. He looked the bill over on both sides. “Read the small print,” I insisted.

“Oh my gosh, this is wonderful,” he said excitedly. I gave him the bill and he was happy to receive it. Ish walked into the lobby and saw Soccoro, an Assistant Vice President coming down the stairs. “Did you know that Olga won the lottery?” he asked.

“No. Wow!” He showed her the bill and she read the Gospel message on the back. “This is wonderful! This is great! My kids should see this.” I told her that I did not have any more bills with me but I would bring her some later.

The receptionist listened to all this, so she asked to see the bill too. I took it to her saying, “Please read the small print.” She did and then asked me for some tracts. I gave everyone a brief message of what the Bible says we must do to go to Heaven.

The next morning, after borrowing some millions from my daughter, I went into the Assistant Vice President’s office to ask if she still wanted them. “Yes! I want to give them to all the kids in my Catechism class at church.” I offered her half of the bills my daughter had given me. “Oh I need more than that. Do you have a BIG stack? I want to give them to all the Catechism classes. I need at least 70 bills.”

“I’ll bring you a pack on Monday and they will be a gift from me.” She was delighted.

I then went to the mailroom and asked Ish if he still wanted the bills. “Yes,” he said. “I have many people—many friends—who need this.”

Of course, I kept one bill and quickly placed it in my appointment book exactly as the first bill had been.

Please note that in my position as Director of Human Relations I have to be careful not to be perceived as evangelizing because of all the federal and state rules. That is why I had to ask if they still wanted the bills. I also had to tell Ish that if he distributed any bills in the office, it had to be done without reference to me.


  1. Amazing story!! Those MDB (Million Dollar Bills) ought not to be thought lightly of! May God use them to reach lost people, and teach the found!

    Very enouraging and awesome to read that you witnessed at work, God bless you Olga! 🙂

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