Fun w/ Millions: Da Vinci Dollars


The Da Vinci Code was sold out at all three theaters. Big crowds mean big opportunities to hand out million-dollar bill Gospel tracts after the movie. And that’s just what I did! I had just finished seeing Poseidon (save your money), and positioned myself just outside the theatre door awaiting the exit of hundreds of DVC fans. The doors swung open and I furiously handed out the Gospel tracts that so clearly state the fact that without Jesus, people will be found guilty on Judgment Day and end up in Hell.

I whipped a bill into the hands of nearly every patron. I noticed the usher eyeing me from across the aisle. I paid no attention. 20-50-100-120 tracts given away. The usher said something like “Get the manager.” I continued—150-160-200 tracts now. Again, the usher requested the manager. Could I get rid of all my tracts before I got booted? I politely encouraged the patrons to take a bill: “This is for you… a million dollars for everyone who sees The Da Vinci Code… and thank-you too…” I had about 25 left when a skinny Asian guy no older than twenty-two steps between me and his customers. “You can’t do that here, sir.” I whipped one around his back and he tried to block it. Then he shouted to the exiting crowd, “You don’t have to take these; you can throw them away.” I gave a few more away behind his back then agreed to leave peacefully. I shook his hand, gave him a million-dollar bill—then continued to hand them out outside the theatre.
-Steve Sanchez


  1. HAHAHA..good for you. My eyes widened when i read what that he shouted “you don’t have to take these”. I wonder how many people actually do read them, and how many throw them away. And of the people who DO read them, i wonder how many think twice about it. Just wondering……:) Yeah, i heard the movie was good. I just don’t have the desire to spend 10 bucks to see it.

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