Fun W/ Million: Da Vinci & Da Disciple


I spoke to a young woman from our church last week. She had something that was pressing on her mind and just had to tell me:
A few months ago I wrote about how I handed out million-dollar bill gospel tracts after a showing of The Da Vinci Code (See Fun w/Millions: Da Vinci Dollars). I didn’t know it then, but I handed out these tracts to this young woman and her friends. nullWhen she saw me she thought, Oh no! That’s Pastor Steve. If he sees me he is going to rebuke me for going to this movie. I’ve never gone to this theatre before and wouldn’t you know it—there he is!
I didn’t see her (and I wouldn’t have rebuked her either), but she hurried out of the theatre with her friends holding onto the tracts. When they all got into the car her friends started complaining. “I can’t believe that guy was handing those out.” “What a weird thing to do.” “What a geek,” etc. Still, they started to read those bills out loud to each other while driving home. In the middle of their reading and whing the young woman from church interrupted and started to ask the questions herself! All her friends listened intently as she gave them the Law, spoke about Judgment Day and Hell, then explained the Good News of Jesus. The girls suddenly got silent, convicted to the heart. The young woman said to me, “When I hear you preach, I think, Oh no, here Steve goes again, talking about the way to evangelize; I’ve heard it all before. But it stuck in my head. I didn’t know how to share my faith, but I heard you talk about it so many times, it just stuck in my head!”


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