Footing the Bill

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If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, then you know that we love passing out the Million Dollar Bill Gospel tract. It’s a fun and easy way to get the Word out, because the Gospel message is written on the back.

Our church, with permission from Living Waters Publications, printed 2.5 million of these tracts and initiated a drive to hand out one million in a year. We have since handed out way over a million in about 19 months!

A question just might have arisen in your mind, though: What fruit have you seen from all your efforts? Do they really work?

Just recently, I was speaking to a woman who is new to our church. She had an interesting story about how she came to Hope Chapel. She was walking through the parking lot of our local shopping mall when a million dollar bill blew onto her foot. She reached down, picked it up, read the back of the bill, and promptly went to our church’s website that is printed on the back of the bill. She visited our church for the next three weeks and when our pastor made an alter call for salvation after a weekend message, she responded by giving her life to Christ.

Sandy has been a Christian now for nearly three months.

Now imagine if someone would have actually handed that tract to her…

One Comment

  1. Wow, it is always incredible to see the fruit of God’s work, materialize into something beautiful. SALVATION, THAT IS, SALVATION!!!

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